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Scripture  "Know the condition of youf flocks, pay attention to your herds."  Proverbs 27:23

Observation  This ancient wisdom applies today.  It is for all who aspire to lead well.  It is for moms and dads who lead families.  The manager of a team, a tribe, a ten thousand employee company.

Pay attention to what matters is a long term view of...

The Five Second Answer:

God loves us, we blew it, Jesus paid for it, we must receive Him.

The One Minute Answer:

>  God loves us.  God is loving, holy, and pure.  He loves every person "as is",  where they are, and where they've been.
>  We blew it.  We were originally created good, but we have messed up, sinned, and missed the mark.  We are...

For centuries people have asked this question.  Was it to set a great example?  Teach us important things?  Show compassion?  To start a revolution?  Jesus answers the question in the story of a Zacchaeus from Luke 19:1-19.

Read the story it's pretty cool.  It's about a lonely outsider who gets invited in, a person who has made massive...

Scritpure  "...who walks with God?...he who walks with integrity."  Psalm 15:1-2

Observation  The writer of this short Psalm reflects on the "who" and "how" of walking close to God.  First, he asks a great question "Who are the people who come to know and enjoy God?"  The answer is embeded in the "how"; i.e. "they walk with...

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After Easter life is never the same for Jesus' disciples.

I am talking about disciples back then and disciples like you and me today.

Yes, the disciples were confused and afraid at first [and so are we from time to time] - but they remembered what Jesus had said.  They waited and then moved swiftly to continue with love for the broken, the...

This clip from The Passion of the Christ depicts Jesus falling as he carries his cross.  An observer [Simon the Cyrene] is told to help Jesus.

Jesus' cross becomes Simon's cross.  Simon's cross becomes Jesus' cross.

Imagine.  Imagine it was/is you in Simon's place.

Read the story in Luke 23:26-32.

What do you need when you're caught in the act of betrayal?

Something you can't get from yourself - "unmerited favor."

The most powerful source of grace is when it is extended by the wounded party.

Are you an extender of grace or are you holding out for justice?

Luke 10:37



Yes.  SOAP - Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.  A simple tool for groups and individuals to dig deeper into the Bible.  And when we dig deeper our confidence goes UP!

Now you can discuss and SOAP the sermon.

Keep it simple!

Scripture  "...proclaim the favorable year of the Lord."  Luke 4:19

Observation  Jesus offers a debt relief when he stands and says "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me...He has send Me to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord."  What is "the favorable year of the Lord?"  It is a game changing reference to an ancient principle that states "ALL...