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Getting Contagious

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Scripture "...go quickly and tell..."  Matthew 28:7

Observation  Two women came to the empty grave of Jesus and were met by an angel of God and told to "go quickly and tell others."  Note the angel gave clear instructions to these followers of Jesus.

Application  I don't feel particularly contagious about going and telling others.  Three thougths come to mind about getting contagious;

  1. I become contagious being around invected people
  2. I become contagious by practicing gratitude [fake it till you make it]
  3. I become contagious reading, reflecting, and applying the Bible to my life

But there is a deeper principle than being contagious.  Note the words from the angel were "go quickly and tell" not "go get contagious and then tell." And so I would add another;

    4.  I become contagious when I go quickly and tell others.

Doing precedes feeling frequently.

Prayer  Father help me be open to the prompting of Your Spirit to go quickly and tell others.  I'm counting on You go know what to say, or simply love people rather than hit them up about You.

This SOAP is from the run reading plan.